Vietnam – Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh

We did it! We are officially halfway through our trip and we’re still (almost) in one piece.

In the past two weeks we have travelled from the beachy and, strangely, Russian hub of Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam’s biggest and busiest city.

After our beach and spa days in Nha Trang, we hired a bike for the day to explore the surrounding mountain roads. The views were spectacular and the twists and turns were exciting on the bike. I even hopped on and drove around myself, a pretty big feat considering I’ve never had a driving lesson in my life and have zero hand eye coordination. It was so much fun!

Our next stop on the trip, Da Lat, was much further into the mountains so the drive there involved blocked ears, more stunning views and a dramatic change in landscape. I fell in love with the town with its creative culture, coffee shops and friendly locals. We also stayed in a great hostel and met some amazing people who we ended up drinking rice wine and karaoking the nights away with.

We also channelled our inner action heroes and went canyoning. After a day of abseiling down 40 metre drops, jumping off cliffs and sliding backwards down waterfalls, I felt pretty invincible!

As we had been thoroughly spoilt in Da Lat, our next stop Mui Ne just did not compare. While we made the most of being there by walking barefoot through the Fairy Stream, quad biking and watching the sun set on the sand dunes, it wasn’t one of my favourites.

Unfortunately, things took a bit of a turn at this point and my poor boyfriend got a mystery illness. Instead of exploring Ho Chi Minh, we were instead visiting doctors, watching movies and were under hostel-arrest until his raging fever and travellers tummy subsided. At least it wasn’t malaria (we checked!)

We’ve had such a great time in Vietnam and I’m sad to leave it behind. However while we are leaving one amazing country, we are just about to discover another! Next stop: Cambodia!

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