Vietnam – Hanoi to Hoi An

Xin chào from Vietnam!

I’ve only been in this crazy country for a few of weeks but it honestly feels more like a couple of months. The Fake Aussie and I have been up to all sorts – motorbiking up mountains, kayaking in Ha Long Bay, getting messy in mud baths – I felt it was time to sit down and share some of our adventures.

Hanoi was our first stop and it felt like a proper ‘head-first’ introduction to Vietnam. Hundreds of motorbikes weaving down tiny alleyways, people selling everything, everywhere and just so, bustling. We found out no matter how far you walk, the noise follows (in a good way!).

We then headed to Ha Long Bay and had a really fun boat trip around the islands. While the weather wasn’t perfect, the company and the Vietnamese karaoke definitely made up for it!

From Ha Long, we headed down to Ninh Binh, a much smaller and, thankfully, peaceful town. We spent our time cycling around, drinking with locals and greeting everyone. One of the friendliest places we’ve been to on this trip. Ninh Binh is also home to some beautiful sights including Tam Coc, the ‘three caves’. Gliding along the river at 8am in the morning, surrounded by this stunning scenery has been one of my personal highlights so far.

To get to our next destination, Hoi An, we had to take our first sleeper bus and what an experience that was! The boy had to sleep on the floor, the coach driver insisted on blasting some random film until 2am and then drove like a maniac for the remaining 8 hours of our journey. Needless to say, we didn’t get much shut eye…

Arriving in Hoi An more than made up for the sleeper bus nightmare. The Ancient City was our home for a whole week over the Tet holiday (Lunar New Year) and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The boyfriend went to a tailor and finally got some suits and shirts that fit his ridiculously tall body. We finally braved motorbiking ourselves and have not looked back since (SPOILER ALERT – it’s so much fun!). We went fishing and I turned out to be some kind of fish-whisperer (I caught 3 in 10 minutes!). After biking around we came across a beautiful deserted beach and, after jumping over a barbed wire fence and had it all to ourselves for the day.

We are now in Nha Trang, another sleeper bus journey away from Hoi An (it was less horrific this time!) and are happy to be beach bums for a few days. Yesterday we even went to a mud bath spa! More on that later…

Who knows what’s going to happen next on our amazing adventure but I’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop when I can (hostel wi-fi isn’t the greatest!)

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